What is beneath the thin layer of ice we call love?

Love in the Time of Covid

On May 1st, 2020, two young lovers from Barcelona were supposed to celebrate their 5th year together, by doing something that united them in the first place: traveling and exploring a country of this beautiful world.

The plan was to explore Spain by bike, car, and then train in 7 days. They would start from Barcelona and ride the whole Costa Brava up to the point where they will rent a car and continue through the mountains of Catalunya. What a beautiful trail of amazing memories will they make.

Months passed and one fine day in March, Spain- the country where they spent their last 3 years- was placed under one of the harshest lockdowns in Europe. A series of unfortunate events that had something to do with a deadly virus, confined not just Spaniards but also the rest of the world to spend the following weeks between 4 walls.

The young lovers spent their 1st of May playing puzzles, eating cake, and watching movies waiting for the next day with patience. For some, the lockdown was another challenge that tested not just their endurance to each other but also proved what lies under the thin ice of what we call love. Our young lovers though resisted the harsh times and who knows…maybe what lies under the thin ice of love are some deep waters in which they have learned to swim efficiently.

Endless problems appear anytime and in abundance when two or more people have frequent interactions. From all the factors that can keep a relationship together (no matter what kind), there is a single one that proved to pass the test of time and crisis: adaptability.

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