Nurses: the soldiers of Spring 2020
Nurses: the soldiers of Spring 2020
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The soldiers of Spring 2020

My sister is a nurse at a clinic in Italy, and the last time when she sent me a picture of herself while on her shift I almost cried. The experience of a nurse at work, in Spring 2020 from 9 am until the overtime shift humbled me.

This is like a world war, except we’re all on the same side

Bill Gates

However, the roles are strikingly different.

While I was finishing another series on Netflix, a nurse was crying at the sight of another series of deaths on their shift. While I cried at home for 6 weeks for not being allowed to exercise outside, on the other side of the city a nurse was crying helplessly, monitoring the last breathes of another parent, son, or daughter of someone. While we are clapping at 8 pm for them, they clap for a victorious patient leaving the bed of pain and suffering, in good health.

I had quite numerous tantrums during the lockdown but whenever I read articles about how it is to be in the front line, I feared going even to get groceries. Now that we are allowed to exercise in the morning and at night, I still fear getting one of this crowny bastards down my throat.

This virus does not really care if you are healthy and nobody knows for sure on what basis some are asymptomatic and some not. Every week there are new myths and ideas about this virus. As Mark Manson said in one of his latest articles -“If there’s one thing we know for certain about this pandemic, it’s that we know almost nothing for certain about this pandemic.”

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