Hello, I'm Denisa Herman

aka Yogatella who loves Yoga and Nutella.

I am a digital Illustrator/Designer based in Barcelona, with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Cultural Studies. My multi-disciplinary education has been invaluable in my design career, providing me with a broad understanding of communication, marketing, creative writing, art, and business.

After graduation, I dedicated more time to my lifelong passion of drawing and shared my work on social media. I turned this passion into a career after being approached for website illustration projects and T-Shirt/package designs, all thanks to those illustration challenges I was sharing online. Shortly after, I started taking extra design/illustration courses, and deepened my knowledge of design theory.

I have worked with a diverse range of clients from SaaS/Ecommerce industries to Editorial and Advertising Publishing, Product Prints, Entertainment, Fitness & Health companies.

I primarily create my  illustrations in a digital medium and have honed a diverse range of styles, ranging from minimalist to 3D. I tailor my visual designs to match the unique branding identity of each client.

Some of my clients include:

Tako Agency





Savio Agency






National Association „Das frühgeborene Kind“

Stickii Club


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